ALMS Car Corrals

Car Corrals

Legions of American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patrón fans have a special connection to the cars circling the race track: the road-going version is in their driveway! For the loyal owners of these high performance road cars, the ALMS offers strategically located trackside car corrals where owners can interact directly with factory representatives, team personalities (i.e. team managers, engineers etc.) and legendary racing drivers. Assisted by a large network of national and regional car clubs, ALMS-facilitated car corrals are manufacturer-sponsored and provide exclusive opportunities for car owners to socialize while enjoying hospitality services, visits from manufacturer and team VIPs, exclusive parking and a welcoming tent. At selected circuits, ALMS car corral ticket holders even have the opportunity to participate in parade laps around the race track! Capacity is limited for parade laps and ticket holders must sign-up on a first come, first served basis at their respective corral tent. With their own itinerary of planned activities, ALMS car corrals function as unique two- to three-day subsidiary events at each race. Car corral tickets offer the ALMS experience of a lifetime and are available directly from each track.