Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

Track Information
3233 Concession Road #10
Bowmanville, Ontario L1C 3K6
Track Length: 2.459 miles
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Located roughly one hour from downtown Toronto, set in the rolling hills and lush countryside of Ontario, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP) is the legendary home of motorsport in Canada. Formerly known as Mosport, the track was opened in 1961 as Canada’s second ever purpose built racing facility. The first, Westwood, sadly no longer exists, making CTMP the oldest and most revered racing circuit in Canada.

Since the days of Mosport, legendary names like Moss (whom a turn is named after), Villeneuve, McLaren, even Petty, have all raced here. No fewer than 16 Formula One World Champions – like Brabham, Clark, Stewart, Hunt, Andretti and Lauda have competed here. Not to mention 12 Indianapolis 500 winners including Ward, Foyt, Al Unser, Bobby Unser, Mears, Johncock, Castroneves, and Montoya.

CTMP has hosted everything from Formula One, IndyCar, Can-Am, USAC stock cars, Formula 5000, and Formula Atlantic to IMSA and sports cars of every description. Also, Grand Prix motorcycles, Superbikes, karting, snowmobiles and even Grand Prix motocross.

Over the years Mosport and now Canadian Tire Motorsport Park have had some crucial care-takers that brought their visions and plans to life at this special place. These include iconic names in Canadian racing like Harvey Hudes and Bernard Kamin, Dr. Don Panoz, and the current ownership of Carlo Fidani and Ron & Lynda Fellows.

Anyone standing on the hill in 1959 would not believe what has transpired over the last 60 years. In the final analysis what still stands is the original 2.459 miles of twisting, undulating pavement that has challenged the best drivers in the world. The Grand Prix Circuit at CTMP is the heart of Canadian racing and, with the exception of safety changes and innovations, the track remains unchanged since the days of Mosport; still staying true to the test of bravery, discipline, and driving skill that still brings the greatest competitors to this hallowed Canadian jewel in the Ontario countryside.