Mazda Motorsports Mothers
Monday, May 15, 2017

While race car drivers tend to get all of the glory, Mazda wanted to focus a spotlight on their moms for Mother’s Day. Mazda asked its factory drivers to talk about the role their mom has played in their life and career. 

Joel Miller, driver, No. 70 Mazda DPi
”My mom has definitely been the biggest supporter from day one. She grew up around the race track because her brothers (my uncles) raced karts during their teenage years, so she had the racing bug before I was born. From good days, bad days, and everything in between she has been supportive of my dream. After every race there is the mandatory phone call to fill mom in (haha).

"Early in my career, while in karts, my mom help keep logs of data for my dad and I. We would come home with lap times, gearing info, set up stuff, etc., and she would make a nice Excel chart for us for when we went back to that track. She loved being involved and was definitely a reason why we won as many races as we did!" 

Tom Long, driver, No. 70 Mazda DPi
“My mom played a very supportive role in my racing career, doing just that - being supportive in any way possible. From food prep between/after sessions, to spirit support during the good or bad times, she was there to help. I can always remember her favorite line if things didn't go as planned when they had all the potential to: ’Well, it's certainly encouraging?!’  It used to frustrate me to no end at the time, because I was still focused on the result we didn't get for whatever reason. But several years later, ironically, I find myself saying the same thing to some of my coaching clients whose day didn't end in an ideal result. Gotta love that!”

Jonathan Bomarito, driver, No. 55 DPi
"My mom worked incredibly hard as I was growing up and supported my racing passion at every level. She made huge sacrifices while supporting me, and is the most giving person I know! I love you, Happy Mother's Day!”

Tristan Nunez, driver, No. 55 Mazda DPi
“She's been my rock through my whole career. I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for her. She's got the protective momma bear mentality - which can be embarrassing at times - but it gets the job done! All in all she's the most important woman in my life!”