Road To Race - The Ferrari 488
Wednesday, August 31, 2016

One of the most interesting elements of GT racing is the direct relation between a racecar and the street car it represents.
Let's take a look at the No. 62 Risi Competizione Ferrari 488 and its street-worthy sibling - the 488 GTB: 

  Ferrari 488 GTB – STREET CAR Ferrari 488 – GTE/GTLM RACECAR
  Built To Be Sold For The Street Built To Compete Within Allowable Rules Package
DIFFERENCES - * denotes a rules related choice or requirement
C​OST  $300,000 $750,000
BRAKES  4-wheel Disc – Carbon Ceramic – ABS 4-wheel Disc – Steel* – No ABS* – F to R Driver Adjustable Bias
ENGINE  3.9 Liter – Twin turbo – DFI – 8,000 RPM – 661 HP 4.0 Liter Twin turbo (Boost Table Limited)* – DFI – Regulated RPM Range (<7,000)* – ~500 HP
TRANSMISSION  7 Forward Gears – Paddle Shift (Electronically Controlled, Hydraulically Actuated) 6 Forward Gears (3 Gear Stacks)* – Paddle Shift Racing Gearbox (Pneumatically Actuated)
BODYWORK  Aluminum Carbon Fiber & Aluminum
SUSPENSION  Forged Aluminum & Steel – Front Double Wishbone – Rear Multi-Link  Purpose-Built Fabricated Steel – Front Double Wishbone – Rear Multi-Link 
RIDE HEIGHT  Minimum – 6” Minimum 2.0” (50mm)*
DIFFERENTIAL  Electronically Operated  Mechanical Plate Ramp (Homologated)*
WHEELS/TIRES  Designed Wheels – Street Tires Wheels and Tires Must Be Covered From Overhead View* – Slick Racing Tires – Regulated Section Width*
RADIATOR  Front Fender Mounted – Ducting Runs Inside Front Fender Liner

Front 'Boot' Mounted – Ducting Runs Up Through Front Hood

SHOCKS  Electronically Controlled 5-Way Adjustable (Homologated)
COMPUTER  Multiple Closed Loop Electronic Controls Power Distribution Unit (PDU), Gearbox Control Unit (GCU), Engine Control Unit (ECU) 
AERO  Floor – No Rear Wing Regulated Total Downforce – Regulated Wing Size & Placement
Alternator (Larger On Racecar) & Water Pump (Pulleys Under-Driven On Racecar As Average RPM Is Higher
Original Dashboard on both cars
Stock Steering Rack