Advanced Nano-Coatings for Electronics:
NanoFlowX V2 is an invisible, quick curing durable waterproofing solution for all electronic devices. An insulating barrier forms around the electronic components which protects against water, moisture, humidity, dust, and corrosion.

Qualities of our V2 solution:
-Quick Curing
-Anti Corrosion
-Clear Coating
-No Masking
-IP68 Certified
-Low Impact OEM Manufacturing Line
-Humidity REsistant
-ROHS and REACH Compliant
-Spray or Dip application
-Thickness - 0.0011''

NanoFlowX, LLC headquartered in Commerce, California is the leading innovator of nano-coatings for any electronic devices.  NanoFlowX offers the highest level of protection against liquids, humidity, moisture, dust, corrosion and accidental fresh/salt-water submersion. Our products are designed to be the most durable, quickest and simplest in application from retail to OEM manufacturing than competing products on the market. 


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