The Racing and Cars Community

Racing and Cars (RAC) is a vertically focused, passion driven community for people who love racing and cars™. RAC’s mission is to unite the collector car, automotive and motorsports communities; (1+ billion global automotive owners, 10 million collector car owners and 1 billion motorsports fans within a $500+ billion market).

RAC is an integrated community, merchant directory, marketplace and jobs platform. RAC addresses declining revenue and next generation participation concerns for Car Clubs, Race Tracks, Race Event Sanctioning Bodies (e.g. F1, NASCAR, IndyCar, IMSA, WRC), Automotive and Collector Car Dealers, automotive and motorsports merchants.

By joining RAC,


  • Members create and/or join Groups to find and communicate with friends that share their granular collector car, automotive and motorsports interests;
  • Save time and money when they use our Merchant Directory to buy products and services to pursue their passion;
  • Use RAC to buy, sell and search for cars, parts, apparel and services;
  • Read the latest news and blog posts aggregated from 20+ sources; and,
  • Search our Automotive and Motorsports Jobs ads for employment opportunities within their chosen profession.

RAC helps the following groups within the motorsports and collector car community increase membership, revenues and attendance:

Car Clubs: RAC helps Car Clubs grow club membership, sponsor participation and revenue.

Car Manufacturers: RAC helps manufactures improve their ability to create and implement personalized customer marketing programs.

Race Tracks: RAC helps Race Tracks grow attendance and revenue.

Sanctioning Bodies: RAC provides a passion driven platform for Sanctioning Bodies to communicate with their fans.

Photographers, Media Professionals and Bloggers: RAC helps media professionals increase visibility for their work and acquire new customers for their services.

Race Teams and Drivers: RAC helps motorsports professionals increase awareness of their brand, acquire sponsors and promote attendance at events.

Automotive Dealers: Automotive and Collector Car Dealers use RAC to sell their cars to highly qualified potential owners. Dealers create a Group to learn more about their existing customer’s automotive ownership interests and future ownership objectives. This newly acquired, “appended” customer knowledge, enables Dealers to target market their customers with specific offers and promotions, tailored to their individual interests.

Merchants: Merchants use RAC to create new customer relationships within a difficult to reach, highly targeted HNW demographic. They invite existing customers to join their RAC Merchant Group to learn more about their customer’s current interests and future desires. This newly acquired, “appended” customer knowledge, enables Merchants to target market their customers with specific offers and promotions, tailored to their individual interests.

Automotive and Motorsports Recruiters: There are 7+ million automotive and motorsports professionals listed on LinkedIn. Recruiters use RAC to list jobs and communicate with members about career opportunities within a portal dedicated to serving the automotive, collector car and motorsports industries.

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