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Racing Optics Inc.

When a fraction of a second matters, thinking twice about your equipment can be the difference between victory and defeat. Racing Optics has provided the competitive edge to professional drivers who need that peace of mind for more than 20 years.

That's why Racing Optics is the official Aeroscreen and Helmet Protective Solution of INDYCAR, IMSA, and the Superstar Racing Experience (SRX).

Although it's Born From Racing, the reach of Racing Optics has spread far beyond the track. Trusted by military personnel and surgeons, as well as transportation and industrial professionals the world over, Racing Optics is the choice when clarity, safety, and protection are critical.

Windshield DefenseTM makes that same technology available to keep your [email protected] protected.

Windshield Defense is:
•  A 3-layer removable film stack
•  Protects windshields from breaking, cracking, and pitting
•  Each individual layer is designed to work independently
•  Tear off the top layer to reveal the next and get back on the road

You'll never sacrifice performance for protection with Windshield DefenseTM . Behind more than 35 patents and a unique lamination process that eliminates light reflection between layers, all Racing Optics films maintain extremely low levels of light distortion with high visual acuity—even in stacks of up to 30 layers.

Engineered for durability:
Your Jeep isn't stuck to the paved roads. But adventure takes its toll, and one stray rock can put a quick end to the fun. Your flat, vertical windshield is a prime target for the debris you find on the road less traveled.

Windshield DefenseTM can extend the life of your windshield, save you time and money, and maintain the performance of your vehicle's original parts.