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Mustang Challenge Mid-Ohio Race 2 Results & Quotes

Race 2 Results



  1. Tyler Maxson – No. 74 Robert Noaker Racing
  2. Robert Noaker – No. 23 Robert Noaker Racing
  3. Jeremy Fletcher – No. 22 McCumbee McAleer Racing
  4. Sam Paley – No. 26 Southern Paley Motorsports LLC
  5. J. Randall – No. 94 KohR Motorsports



  1. Zachry Lee – No. 48 McCumbee McAleer Racing
  2. Alex Bachoura – No. 33 Spark Performance
  3. Nicholas Smither – No. 58 Nick Smither Racing
  4. Mike Stillwagon – No. 9 Automatic Racing
  5. Stephen Vajda – No. 10 NV Autosport


TYLER MAXSON, No. 74 Robert Noaker Racing Ford Mustang Dark Horse R (DH) – “There was a lot of good competition out there, and this is a good place to showcase a lot of talent. Especially up-front… Those guys are fast. It was a really good weekend overall for these guys in the first week of Mustang Challenge. Hopefully, we can carry that momentum to Watkins Glen. It’s an awesome car and an awesome series. This Dark Horse R was flying, and the whole Robert Noaker Racing team had our stable prepped well. I’m really happy that we could bring it home and show all our hard work.”


ROBERT NOAKER, No. 13 Robert Noaker Racing Ford Mustang Dark Horse R (DH) – “It’s one thing to do it with one car, but to have two cars on the podium – one-two and win both races in our first event as a team – is something I couldn’t even imagine. I knew we could do it, because our team has been doing a great job dialing in our Dark Horse R in such a short time. It really helped us this weekend. We’re already starting off the season strong, so now it’s just continuing that momentum forward.


It’s challenging to pass at this track, so you need to be able to capitalize on other peoples’ mistakes. I got behind my teammate, and we started to check out a little bit. We tried to make something happen in the last few laps, but we couldn’t get it. Congratulations to Tyler. It feels good as a team.”


JEREMY FLETCHER, No. 22 McCumbee McAleer Ford Mustang Dark Horse R (DH) – “I can’t thank the guys on the radio enough, encouraging me to keep my head on from the start. I picked them off one-by-one, and we found ourselves in a good position. The McCumbee McAleer Ford Mustang Dark Horse R was on absolute rails. I felt a lot more confident today, which allowed us to pick them off. I can’t thank my sponsors enough: The Holster Store, Home Decor and More, Home Restoration Exchange and everyone who made this possible. I definitely love the ladder system. Ford Performance has drivers all the way up to the Mustang GT3 program, so I’m definitely hoping that I can capitalize on our opportunities here – for the future.”


ZACHRY LEE, No. 48 McCumbee McAleer Ford Mustang Dark Horse R (DHL) – “I drove really well heading into today’s race, but felt like I sort of got lucky in the second half. We’re still learning and improving, so next time I won’t have to leave it up to luck. Next time, it’s going to be a complete race and we’re going to work hard to get there.


I love this series and the Dark Horse R. The car is a really good race car. The best part about this series is that we are racing an American icon with 500-horsepower in a single-make series. That’s super cool. I know other series exist, but this is a Ford. This is Mustang. It doesn’t get more iconic than that. Also, it’s relatively affordable which is an advantage of the series.”


ALEX BACKOURA, No. 33 Spark Performance Ford Mustang Dark Horse R (DHL) – “I felt like I drove the best that I could and without the 10-second penalty, felt that I could have been first. It is what it is. But this has still been a great weekend. The power of the Dark Horse R is amazing and something that I have yet to experience coming from four-cylinders. The power and torque is immense, which makes for a thrilling experience. I feel you need some skill-set to be able to drive it fast. You can drive it fast, but you need to be especially ‘on it’ and consistent to extract that extra second from it. I feel this car will compete well at longer tracks, like Watkins Glen and Road America.”


NICHOLAS SMITHER, No. 58 Nick Smither Racing Ford Mustang Dark Horse R (DHL) – “That was a really fun race. I was kind of disappointed yesterday, spinning out of second-place, but today made up for it. It’s great to be in a single-make series because club racing is all power-to-weight. You don’t know whether it’s the car or driver. The car is fantastic, and I cannot believe how strong it pulls down the straight.”