Bosch Motorsport North America has been keeping manufacturers and teams at the front of the grid for over a century and we continue to pick up the pace. With passion and performance at the heart of everything we do, we are proud to call the top series and teams around the world our partners.

At the heart of every roaring engine in IMSA’s new generation of GTP, lies the mark of Bosch Motorsport’s innovation. Our partnership with IMSA is a testament to engineering excellence, providing a comprehensive system of electronics that transforms the GTP grid into a spectacle of speed and precision. The collaboration brings to life a formidable Motor Generator Unit (MGU) crafted alongside Williams and Xtrac, coupled with our advanced Electronic Brake Systems (EBS), Hybrid Control Unit (HCU), Motor Control Unit (MCU) and telemetry. Every GTP car is infused with our state-of-the-art components and sensors, making Bosch Motorsport an integral part of the racing DNA that sets a new benchmark in the motorsport saga.

Our hunger for innovation and entrepreneurial mindset has kept us driving the industry forward while supporting the customers that trust us with some of their most valuable vehicles. And above all, we develop and manufacture parts that are built to last under the toughest environments; whatever the future holds, we harness our expertise and quality testing to create components we can standby for years to come.